About Us

Steve Jagger is not merely an auctioneer; he’s a pillar in the Central Ohio community, embedded deeply through both personal and professional entwinements. His journey from a dedicated real estate salesperson to an adept auctioneer is laced with an unyielding spirit to adapt and innovate, while always ensuring the very community that raised him is positively impacted through his endeavors.

Community Centered: A dedication to giving back to the local community.
Innovative Marketing: An embracing of both traditional and modern marketing methods, ensuring properties are seen by the right eyes, no matter where they are.
Adaptability: A continuous journey of learning and adapting, from attending auction school to incorporating digital platforms for auctions.
Inclusivity: Handling a spectrum of properties, from multi-million dollar estates to smaller rehab houses, making sure no opportunity is undervalued.
Expertise & Integrity: Not just a businessman but an expert with in-depth knowledge and a transparent approach in all dealings.

Authentic: Rooted in genuine experiences and a deep understanding of the real estate and auction industry.
Approachable: A friendly and supportive ally for those navigating the complex worlds of real estate and auctions.
Expert: Offering deep and versatile knowledge in various facets of real estate and auctioneering.

Situated as a leader in the real estate auction industry, Steve Jagger Auctioneers provides a robust, knowledgeable, and community-focused service. From local residents to global customers, every auction is executed with precision, innovation, and a heartfelt commitment to both seller and buyer.

"Empowering Sales, Enriching Community" – Steve Jagger Auctioneers isn’t just about moving properties and items; it's about sustaining a community, creating opportunities, and ensuring every transaction is a triumph for all involved.

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